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Poster “Yesterday” – New Beatles cover From “MonaLisa Twins”

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MonaLisa Twins didn’t pick just any old song but decided to have a go at what is believed to be the “best song of the 20th century” (BBC 2), the “Number 1 pop song of all time” (Rolling Stone) and “the world’s best song” (MTV).

… No pressure 😉 Please enjoy our rendition of “Yesterday“

We reached this milestone way quicker than we thought, due to a nice little surprise on the YouTube front. Over the last week our daily views multiplied and a whole lot of new people discovered our channel. If you’re one of them – HI THERE AND WELCOME!

Grab your “Yesterday” Poster here!!

We were sceptical at first. A glitch in the statistics? Fake bots? Bought views by a fan? Well, turns out it was none of that but YouTube rather decided to just feature a couple of our videos really heavily on the front page to a new audience!

For other beatles songs you can find it here

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Why? No idea, but we ain’t complaining!

We’re still working on a couple of new videos besides “Yesterday”, so keep your eyes peeled for more content in the near future.

In the meantime, why don’t you have a look at our online store to see if anything tickles your fancy. We need to prepare some empty room on the storage shelves … just saying … shhhh … 😉

Stay groovy,

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